The most powerful Lifestyle program in the industry!

$500.00 car bonus each month qualified.

Requirements: Become a Presidential Director by having 6 personal active sales each team and 17,000 points in personal line of sponsorship group volume, 40% rule. Note: If you have a vehicle wrapped in approved company graphics we will raise this to $700.00 monthly.

$4,000.00 Luxury Home and Exotic Car Payment*

Requirements: Become a Crown by having 7 personal active sales each team and 250,000 group points, 40% rule *Just utilize New Life Sciences License Plate frames and have a New Life Sciences rear window logo.

These allowances are paid monthly based on prior months' qualification. The Company will cover these payments up to the amount stated. If you do not want to utilize this bonus for a vehicle or home, you can take 1/2 of the stated amount as a monthly cash bonus.